Gubra Discovery

In addition to our contract research services, Gubra has initiated a number of early target and drug discovery programs.

Gut Target Discovery

We have launched a research collaboration agreement with Sanofi focusing on the discovery of gut peptides in order to identify novel targets suitable for development of peptide-based drugs for treatment of people with diabetes and obesity. This program builds upon the established research consortium between Gubra, Gentofte Hospital and the University of Copenhagen partly funded by the Danish National Advanced Technology foundation. It is our hope that this project will open the door to the development of new treatments for patients with obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

CNS Target Discovery

Existing obesity treatment typically involves lifestyle changes, combined with anti-obesity drugs and/or bariatric surgery. However, little attention has been paid to targeting the main regulator – the body weight set-point. Guided by years of extensive experience with appetite regulating peptides and networks in the brain, in combination with our high-end laser capture micro dissection platform and Solexa high throughput sequencing, we aim to identify differentially regulated transcripts in key hypothalamic nuclei to identify novel targets for future obesity treatment. Contact us for more information.

Peptide Drug Discovery

Gubra’s peptide programs focus on gut peptides that modulate glucose homeostasis and appetite regulation. Our drug discovery programmes aim to increase the beneficial physiological effects of these hormones, by making peptide hormone analogs with improved pharmacological properties.

NAFLD/NASH biomarker discovery

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is considered the hepatic manifestation of the metabolic syndrome and highly related to the obesity and diabetes epidemic challenging the world today. A truly descriptive noninvasive biomarker for NASH (most likely blood-borne) remain, however, to be developed. In close collaboration with esteemed university and hospitals partners, Gubra has initiated a NAFLD/NASH discovery program in order to identify novel targets for biomarker- and/or drug development. Taking onset in liver samples from human patients with clear histological evidence of advanced steatosis, coupled with validated rodent models of NAFLD/NASH disease, the project is believed to rapidly bring forward novel information of high translational value. Contact us for more information.


Peptide Synthesis and Applications

The second edition of Peptide Synthesis and Applications, co-edited by Gubra peptide expert, Søren Ljungbjerg Pedersen, is now available for purchase. This latest edition provides current, detailed methodologies for peptide synthesis, including new chapters on laboratory protocols for specialists and non-specialists.

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